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Connecting an online shop to TCS-Benefits


The "partner" (the company behind the online shop) must get in contact with apNet (operator of TCS benefits), discuss the details and agree on a cashback rate.
Then, using the options below, the partner can connect their online shop to the system of TCS-Benefits.

Connect via API

TCS-Benefits provides an API via which so-called "transactions" (details of purchase or booking) can be delivered.

If possible, this API should be called in "real time" so that the customer can be informed immediately about the received cashback, by the TCS app.
If it is not possible for a partner to address this API in realtime, the minimum requirement is that the data is delivered at least once per day via batch (using the same API).

Connecting to the API is very simple, the documentation is self-explanatory and the process is usually as follows

  1. The customer finds the partner in the app or web of TCS
  2. The customer logs in and then clicks on the "online shop" link on the partner detail page in the app or web of TCS
    ➔ here is an example of such a detail page
  3. The partner online shop receives the users ID as a GET parameter via URL and saves it in the session
  4. The customer buys or books a product or service
  5. The partner online shop transmits the data required by TCS-Benefits for the transaction via API to TCS-Benefits
    ➔ see corresponding method in the API
  6. If the purchase / booking is cancelable, it is mandatory to mark the transaction as "temporary"
    ➔ see API for corresponding info on how to handle temporary transactions
  7. As soon as the customer can no longer cancel / return / withdraw or, in the case of a booking, the booking has started / completed, then the partner online shop marks the previously transmitted transaction as "definite"
    ➔ see corresponding method in the API
    ➔ Alternatively, there is also the possibility to define a certain number of days after which the temporary transaction is automatically set to "definitive" by the system of TCS-Benefits. This can be useful, if a partner has a very clearly defined return or withdrawal period.
  8. At the end of the month, the transactions marked as definite are processed by apNet, invoiced to the partner (cashback amount + commission) and the cashback amount is paid to the customer by apNet

Connect via affiliate network

If extending your shop for a connection via API is not possible but you are able to install affiliate plugins, this could be an alternative possibility.
TCS-Benefits supports the delivery of transactions via affiliate networks (currently: Connects, CJ, Tradedoubler, Awin, Adtraction, Partnerize).

This causes more costs in the medium to long term, because the affiliate network also charges a commission but if there is no possibility for a direct connection then this is a possible alternative.

For this solution please contact apNet.

Connect via QR code

If neither a connection via API, nor one via affiliate network is possible or cost-effective enough, there is still the possibility to attach a QR code to all invoices / payment- or booking confirmations. This code must be generated by the online shop and contains all relevant information about the purchase / booking. In addition to the code, a text can be delivered informing the customer that they can benefit from a cashback by scanning this code and having an active TCS membership.

The customer scans this code with the TCS app and the cashback will then be credited automatically.

ATTENTION: No cancellation is possible with this procedure, as there are no "temporary" transactions!

Here you can find the documentation for generating such a QR code.